Project Description


Time and Venue:
Every Tuesday 8.15 -9pm
1A Aliwal St, Chenn Leonn Building, Singapore 199894
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Welcome to #FitForAll , It is a mix of HIIT + Resistance Training, is a combination of endurance, strength and resistance training to keep you looking lean and fit but most importantly making you FEEL GREAT! The beautiful thing about Health and Fitness is that it comes in all shpes and sizes, its not a one size fits all, Furthermore, it is all about the journey, don’t expect immediate results after one class, you have to be consistent. Ask yourself how badly do you want this? Yea you ponder that!

Connect with like minded individuals that push you to be a better and stronger you! Friends are a great motivational factor when we are all suffering that tough workout together!

Expect a sweat session with our amazing instructor Pri, who knows how to get your body pumping to the beat of sick music! It is going to be one heck of a workout!

Once is DEFINIETLY not enough!

I wanna feel the Burn!

$15per class
  • Valid for Classes Between Aug 20th to Sept 24th 2019.
  • *Class Packages are available at lower prices. Contact Us for more information.*