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7 Heaven Series

So I have been sitting on this series for quite some time now, but no more!

For those of you who have been waiting, here it is! My 7 Heaven Series!

In this Series, you have the following

1) Booty Blaster

2) Killer Core

3) Legs For Days

4) Upper Body

5) Fat Burn

6) Beach Body

Mix and Match, have fun with it! Now you have no excuse!

Click the link below to download yours now!

Click here > 7 HEAVEN – FULL

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2019 Goals

Ready to start taking your goals seriously?

Woah it’s 2019 already??! Well New Year, New Me?

No. New Year, a Better You. May I just say that although we follow the chronological order of days, years beginnings and endings. I just want to remind you all that every moment is brand new, every moment is an opportunity for you to do better, be better! so take advantage of that.

Moving on, I know we all have goals we would like to reach for the New Year but damn, sometimes we start it off really great like ” Yea, I’m gonna do this and this” but then all of a sudden the motivation and thrill of it dies.. Am I right or am I right? I’ve been through that.. and it sucks, looking back and thinking, If only I had the willpower, the determination, If Only. Well, I’m here to remind you that YOU DO! We all have choices and with choices come repercussions,, it ultimately boils down to us and our decision. You have the Power!

To help you activate that power here are some of our tips on how you can get started on achieving your goals and becoming a better you!

Set a deadline

When it comes to goals and tasks, always plan and set deadlines. Planning gives you a sense of structure. Want that beach body before your Bali trip in May? Set a workout plan and schedule and stick to it. Setting deadlines give you the motivation to keep you moving forward towards your end goal. Furthermore, it helps you prioritize and focus on the important things at hand.

Reward Yourself

Completed a task? Great! Reward yourself after completing a task/reaching your personal goal. It can be treating yourself to something you’ve always wanted or ANYTHING really. Just do something good for yourself because you deserve it after all that hard work and determination.

Make 2019 a year of Self-Care and Self-Love.

  • Be more confident and comfortable with yourself. Take the time to learn about your strengths and weakness, learn to embrace that there will be some things about yourself that you simply cannot change and that is okay. It is okay to be different, in fact, it is better to be different. Be YOU!.
  • Step out of your comfort zone. This will push your boundaries and help you grow as a person. Rejection, Failure and the Fear of the Unknown are all part of life. Don’t be afraid of it. One of my favorite quotes is ” Success is not final, Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill. Life is all about taking risks and if you fail so what? TRY AGAIN! You are not stuck forever, life moves quickly so move along with it. Now let me ask you an extremely important question, ” Why did the chicken cross the road?” If you answered, ” To get to the other side, duh Pri” Yes! Exactly! The chicken TOOK A RISK to get to the other side. Now you will never look at the chicken joke the same way ever again, You’re Welcome!

Wrapping all this up nicely with a quote my mom would always tell me “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Take it one step at a time but remember that consistency is key. This is not a special promotion, Not a onetime thing. It is a lifetime deal, so Keep it simple, Take it easy, Be Consistent, have fun and Make Yourself Proud!

And with that, the Body By Pri and Bodsitive Team wishes everyone a Healthy and Happy 2019!

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